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Perrin Manufacturing

designs, tests and builds HVAC systems for off-road, heavy duty vehicles providing the heating and cooling needed for operators to work in comfort.

These climate control systems are in earth movers, skid steers, tree mulchers, broom sweepers, tractors, sprayers, road pavers, loaders, road graders and more.

With a 35 year history of award winning design and manufacturing experience, Perrin, your OEM HVAC manufacturer, has the knowledge and experience to deliver the products and service you need

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PMI's values are summed up by our...

...a high commitment to safety, teamwork and continuous improvement.

Quality obligation to total quality is key to maintaining a growing relationship with our customers.

...your future and job stability transpires by maintaining a perpetual improvement attitude and providing top value through constant productivity improvement.


Perrin has a broad range of heater, and air conditioning units that are available for repurposing.  In many applications customers can reduce their engineering costs by selecting a repurposed design.  These climate control systems range from construction vehicle HVAC systems, tractor HVAC systems, agricultural vehicle hvac units and also industrial enclosure boxes. 

Heater/AC: Tractor and Heavy Equipment

3194 Roof Mounted Heater / AC with Condenser

hvac oem tractor hvac oem

Tractor or Heavy Construction equipment usage
22,000 BTU/hr AC
30,000 BTU/hr Heater
300 CFM
12 V – DC
38 amps
Constructed with 12 ga. Steel, this unit has screened off fans, a condenser section, recirculation filter and 2 external filters.

Heater/AC: Construction Sweeper / Broom Unit

3217 Interior Roof Mounted, Heater / AC Unit (top)

hvac oem hvac oem

Construction sweeper application
24,500  BTU/HR AC
24,800  BTU/HR Heater
250 CFM
12 V – DC
18 amps
The system features 6 louvers for air direction, as well as AC and heater controls for operator comfort.


Heater/AC: Agricultural Sprayer Application

3171 Interior Roof Mounted Heater / AC unit (top)

hvac oemhvac oem

18,000 BTU/hr AC
24,000 BTU/hr heater
350 CFM
12 V DC
18 amps
This particular unit has a dome light and controls within easy reach of the operator.

Air Conditioning: Construction Equipment

3212 Steering Column AC unit Road Paving Equipment (top)

hvac oemhvac oem tractor

BTU: 26,700 BTU/HR

The unit saves cab space by serving as a steering console and an air conditioning unit. The steering column runs through the air conditioner housing; the steering wheel, gauges and paving controls are installed in upper chamber.

Heater: Skid steer Applications

3127 Center mount, Floor Heater Unit (top)

hvac oem hvac oem

Skid steer construction usage
18,000 BTU/HR AC
24,000 BTU/HR Heater
350 CFM
12 V – DC
18 amps

3218 Side mounted Heater

hvac oemHVAC Oem

20,000 BTU/HR
250 CFM
Design called for a side mounted heater system, heating the operator’s feet and able to defrost the front window of the vehicle.  The housing was wrapped around a center support member due to size constraints and cab heater requirements.

Enclosures: Electric Applications

“designed to keep sensitive electronic components safe from the outdoor environment”  Patrick Crowley, Senior Design Engineer, Perrin Manufacturing.

3259 – A communications industry enclosure (top)

hvac oemhvac oem

Thermally controlled housing
Temperature regulating fan/heater
Monitors in-housing temperature
Auto adjust enclosure temperature.
Equipped with Surge Protector and Power Supply.
Security key-lock entry.

3338 – An irrigation industry enclosure (top)

hvac oem hvac oem


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