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HVAC Service Documents

Recommended Charging Procedure
Charge Determination
Basic Troubleshooting
R134a and PAG Oil Handling
Compressor Oil Handling
Compressor Troubleshooting
Blower Motor
Glossary of Common HVAC components

Gauge Diagnostics

Using Gauges for Troubleshooting
Air in cooling system (insufficient suction)
Defective expansion valve
Excessive refrigerant
Insufficient compressor operation
Insufficient refrigerant
Moisture Intrusion
Refrigerant does not circulate

Summary Table of Gauge Diagnostics

Pressure Range
Low side: 0 to -29.99 psi
High side: 71 to 85 psi
Low pressure side becomes a vacuum
High pressure as listed above
Frost or condensation on the front and rear pipe connections of the receiver dryer or expansion valve
AC system is blocked by contamination or ice
AC system is shut off by defective expansion valve or tempeerature sensor
AC line from evaporator to compressor has kink in the line

Check for contamination or ice
If moisture is found then evacuate the system
If the expansion valve is defective then replace it
Replace receiver dryer
Recharge with refrigerant to proper level
Repair any kinked hoses

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