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HVAC Service Documents

Recommended Charging Procedure
Charge Determination
Basic Troubleshooting
R134a and PAG Oil Handling
Compressor Oil Handling
Compressor Troubleshooting
Blower Motor
Glossary of Common HVAC components

Gauge Diagnostics

Using Gauges for Troubleshooting
Air in cooling system (insufficient suction)
Defective expansion valve
Excessive refrigerant
Insufficient compressor operation
Insufficient refrigerant
Moisture Intrusion
Refrigerant does not circulate

Summary Table of Gauge Diagnostics

Compressor Troubleshooting

(download PMI Pocket Guide to Compressor Troubleshooting)

General Issues

Possible Causes Inspection Remedy
Loose drive belt Belt oscillates considerably Adjust the belt tension
Internal compressor malfunction Drive belt slips Replace compressor

Magnetic Clutch Related Issues

Information obtained in ZEXEL Service Manual
Basic service procedures for R134a Air Conditioning Systems.
Copyright 1992

Possible Causes Inspection Remedy
Low battery voltage Clutch slips Recharge the battery
Faulty coil Clutch slips Replace the magnetic clutch
Oil on the clutch surface Magnetic clutch face is dirty causing it to slip Replace or clean the clutch surface
Excessive clearance between the clutch plate and the clutch disk. The clutch plate clings when pushed. Check clutch gap according to specifications. Adjust the clearance or replace clutch.
Open coil Clutch does not engage and there is no reading when a circuit tester is connected between the coil terminals. Replace
Broken wiring or poor ground. Clutch will not engage at all. Inspect the ground an connections.


Wiring harness components Test the conductance of the pressure switch, thermostat, relay, fan switch, power to system, grounds, etc. Check operation, referring to the wiring diagram and replace defective parts.

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