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Perrin Manufacturing

designs, tests and builds HVAC systems for off-road, heavy duty vehicles providing the heating and cooling needed for operators to work in comfort.

These climate control systems are in earth movers, skid steers, tree mulchers, broom sweepers, tractors, sprayers, road pavers, loaders, road graders and more.

With a 35 year history of award winning design and manufacturing experience, Perrin, your OEM HVAC manufacturer, has the knowledge and experience to deliver the products and service you need

PMI Wire and Harness Slideshow

Wire and Harness Capabilities

Amp O Lectric K Press with Applitek and Tyco Terminal Applicators

Sonobond Ultrasonic WS2014D Wire Welding and Splice

Tritech Kodera C370 Precision
Wire Stripper and Cutter

Kingsley KIP20 Custom Wire Hot Stamp

Cirrus Harness Test Electronic Quality Control

Storyboard Quality Check system

oem vehcile hvac system

PMI News

SG09 Smeal APU

Amp K
Amp O Lectric K

Kodera cutter
Kodera Precision cutter

sonobond Weld
Sonobond Ultrasonic weld

Wire and Harness Fabrication

Amp-O-Lectric K Presses (2)
with Applitek and Tyco Terminal applicators.

Amp K

Applitek applicator on Amp K Press

Nylon Wire Braider systems (3) or Corrugated Loom Options
Unique 24 wire custom braiding system is highly durable. An original adaptation from the textile industry.

braided wire harness Wire Harness

Braided Wire Harness

Sonobond WS2014D, Ultrasonic Wire Welder with 4’/min. capacity

sonic weld schematic

Sonobond ultrasonic welders create precise, solid-state bonds without heat, current, or consumables. The process introduces high-frequency vibration while the weldment is under moderately high clamping force. In this way, non-ferrous similar and dissimilar metals can be welded with repeated accuracy.

Tritech Kodera Model C370 Cutter / Stripper

High Power & High Speed wire cutting and wire stripping machine. Provides an optimum speed for mass production and ensures a high level of productivity. A very high performance wire cutting and wire stripping machine for diversified sizes of wires.

Cutting Length 0.1mm~99999mm
Cutting Tolerance +-(0.2+0.002xL)mm
Applicable Wire Type Type AVSS,VSF,IV,KV,Teflon,Glass Wire
Size AWG#10(5.5sq) - #28(0.08sq)

Kingsley KIP20 Wire Hot Stamper

Prints in-line with most major wire processors
For insulated wire and cable (including Teflon, Tefzel, etc.)
Utilizes full-size, 40-character typewheels
Prints on command from wire processor, cutter, stripper or terminator
Mounts up to 28 typewheels
Prints horizontally or vertically along the wire
Prints on sizes from .038” to .750” OD

Kingley Hot Stamping process

Cirrus Computer Based Harness Testing System

A harness tester, a cable tester, a continuity tester, a component tester and a guided harness-assembly aid are all good descriptions of the Easy-wire CR tester used at Perrin Manufacturing. The easy-wire CR features Cirrus software that allows creation of custom on-screen graphics of connectors. It can light multiple LED's to guide the harness assembly process right on the harness board. An excellent, easy to use and train system, Perrin has had this control in place since 2006.

This product is based on the A-620 Cable Testing Standards.

Requirements and Acceptance for Cable/Wire Harness Assemblies is a joint project of IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits) and WHMA (Wire Harness Manufacturers Association). It describes acceptable assemblies based on visual acceptance criteria. The detailed pictures clearly communicate to operators the acceptable and unacceptable features of an assembly. It provides a way to train factory floor people and set expectations between customers and suppliers of the level of quality expected.

cr tester
CR testing tower

Harness Board Test System
Harness Board Components
easy-wire Software
easy-wire Tester

wire test setup

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